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    1. Can I get a refund/return? 
    Unfortunately we do not give refunds once the order has been CREATED or SHIPPED. We also do not accept returns unless the product is defected. If there is, the attention must be brought to us no longer than a week received.
    2. I changed my phone, can I exchange my phone case for a new one? 
    No you cannot. Make sure you know 100% that you will keep your phone by the time the case arrives! We are not responsible for your choice in phone model. Also, if you ordered the wrong phone model and we already shipped your item, sorry but we can't do anything about that. However, if we do happen to send you the wrong phone model, you can keep that one and we will happily send you the correct one free. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO DOUBLE CHECK YOUR ADDRESS AND PHONE MODEL BEFORE PAYING!


    1. What payment methods do you accept?
    ONLY Paypal, credit card, and debit card (linked to Paypal). No 'mailed cash' or bank transfers.
    2. I am not from the United States and do not use their currency "USD." Do you accept (my country's currency)?
    The default prices of our cases are in USD, but can be purchased from any country with any currency. *Although you may see the price of our cases in your currency, during checkout, the price will go back to USD numbers, so do not be alarmed by that!
    3. How much are the phone cases?
    They are 20 USD each (before shipping) for all phone cases except custom orders which are 30 USD each. We also have CASE MATERIAL upgrades in each product which may add an additional fee.
    *to see shipping fees, scroll down to SHIPPING section.


    1. What are your phone cases made of? Are they protective? 
    Matte (default) cases are made of polycarbonate (essentially, hard plastic). They are protective to a certain extent; they will protect your phone from a fall, and are amazing in showcasing KPOP art on a phone case! We also offer leather, silicone borders, glossy finish, and screen protectors for extra. We only have these available for certain phone models. Check our case materials page to see the differences!
    2. Where can we receive updates with new designs or phone case models, etc?
    Go to our Instagram: "@obeythekorean" or/and "@obeythekoreanfaq"
    3. What phone cases do you offer?
    Click the phone case product you like, then click the 'PHONE MODEL' option bar to see the full list of phone models we offer.


    1. Do you ship internationally? How much is shipping? 
    Yes we do. Standard shipping is $4 USD (United States Dollars). We also offer ePacket and Express shipping methods during shipment checkout. You will see estimated delivery times and prices there!
    2. How long should it take for the package to arrive to my door or mailbox?
    It may take up to 1.5 weeks (usually) for us to create your phone case and a bit longer for glitter cases, transparent cases, and cases with an asterisk (*) next to them. Afterwards, depending which part of the world you live in, it may take 1-6 weeks for it to arrive (for standard shipping). Our producers are located in China. Please keep that in mind. *shipments to faraway countries like Canada, Australia, or the UK often take longer to deliver.


    1. I have more questions to ask but it is not listed in this FAQ page. Where can I contact you? 
    You can Direct Message us on Instagram or, preferably, go to the 'CONTACT' page on this site and email us there.