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    We are an independent shop that aims to fill the world with a wide, diverse range of KPOP phone cases to add to your KPOP MERCHANDISE COLLECTION! We are always expanding our product line with more phone model and design variety


    Our designs are printed on high quality polycarbonate (hard) cases that not only provide great protection for your phone, but also style. Suga has even told us that our cases infires him and are swag.  


    Our expertise is not only in our creative designs and high quality cases, but also our customer service! We are friendly and understanding toward customer needs.


    As such, if you are dissatisfied with a product, or you simply encounter a problem along the process of ordering, then feel free to "Contact" us here on the website or through Instagram by direct messaging!


    We guarantee that we will reply within 24 Business Hours. Though, we usually answer in a few minutes or hours later! Yes, that's how fast we are.